Drainage Installation & Service


Hydroscapes Can Customize a Solution!
As no two properties are the same, neither are the solutions. Soil type, drainage source area, grade, water run off velocity, and plant material must all be considered in developing a customized solution to your specific drainage problems. We approach each new project with a complementary phone review to discuss the symptoms of the problem, the nature of your landscape, and your goals. From there, we will coordinate an onsite visit (post rainfall if possible) to further assess and define a solution which will address infiltration, conveyance and, if desired, storage.

Installation Process Once a solution is agreed upon and all parties are comfortable with the design plan, Hydroscapes will schedule the drainage installation based on your availability. While drainage projects can greatly vary, here are a few things you can always expect from the Hydroscapes crew:

  • Customer Communication: We want to make sure you are kept apprised of the process from start to finish.
    Our office will contact you to coordinate a start date and time, have all underground utilities marked, and can assist
    in the permitting process if required. Our installation crew will communicate progress while on site and the
    installation foreman will review the drainage system with you upon completion.
  • Professionalism: Hydroscapes takes great pride in our personalized and professional service. Any needs or concerns you have before, during, or following the installation will be treated as a top priority. Our technicians are
    also all trained in customer care to make every interaction a pleasant one. All employees are fully insured and can be readily identified by our "cactus green" shirts.
  • Cleanliness: Whenever possible, Hydroscapes will carefully hand dig, rather than utilize heavy machinery, in order
    to minimize disturbance to your property. Installation materials will be isolated to a condensed and organized space and all work areas cleanly swept each day. Once drainage solutions are in place, all soil and grass are carefully repacked and tamped to restore to as close to their original condition as possible. Disturbed areas of grass will also
    be raked and reseeded when necessary. We always aim to minimize or eliminate any impact on your daily life!
  • Quality: All systems are designed by a licensed professional and supervised by a seasoned installation technician
    or foreman at all times. We also proudly utilize NDS components in our installations. Hydroscapes offers a full guarantee that all custom drainage solutions will function as designed.

Service to Existing Drainage Systems
If you already have an existing drainage system but find that it is not functioning properly, let Hydroscapes handle the troubleshooting and possible repair for you. Using a specialized drainage camera inserted into a drainage pipe, we can better determine the cause of most issues and isolate the location of any obstructions or subsurface damage. As a result, the need for digging is minimized, as is the disturbance to your property. Similarly, a pressure jetter can be used to clear blockages in a pipe that have built up over time.