Outdoor Sound Systems


Take Your Backyard Entertainment to the Next Level

We love working with homeowners to help you turn your special outdoor spaces into a private oasis. Utilizing premium Sonarray audio systems, a unique "satellite" speaker configuration will offer you an unsurpassed sound experience that can be enjoyed year round! Our installations feature the following standards:

  • Thoughtful Design: Sound systems are carefully laid out to blend into your landscape while delivering amazing sound quality.
  • Flexible Coverage Area: A standard setup is ideally suited for spaces around 2,000 square feet but can be easily expanded to accommodate various outdoor arrangements, sizes, and topographies.
  • Durability: All components are constructed from corrosion proof composites and triple-sealed, enabling them to withstand the elements and be maintenance-free.
  • Subtle Appearance: The satellite speakers and subwoofer are meant to be heard, not seen. They are finished in a neutral earth tone, allowing them to seamlessly blend in to the surrounding foliage, hardscapes, mulch beds, or wherever they are situated.
  • Ease of Installation: While size and complexity can vary, installation is non-intrusive to your landscape and can typically be accomplished within one day including adjustments and sound balancing.

Traditional Speaker Coverage

With a typical outdoor sound system, speakers are installed along a single base structure, creating a variety of undesirable effects like uneven volume, unbalanced coverage, or even unwanted noise spilling over into neighboring properties.

Total Sound Immersion

Utilizing a system composed of satellite speakers and a subwoofer provides a noticeable audio advantage in clear and balanced sound, even volume, and no disturbances to your neighbors.

Behold Your Oasis

The final touch on your ultimate relaxation space or perfect entertainment setting can be a simple installation away. Interested in learning more? Contact us with questions, for a free estimate or for a free product demonstrate to better appreciate the quality before investing.