Irrigation System Maintenance


We've got you covered!

As with any major utility or household appliance, routine irrigation service will help to keep your system functioning at its best. While we use industry leading components in all of our installations and repairs, it is not uncommon for an over eager landscaper to puncture a piece of poly pipe or a rogue lawn mower to crack a spray head. From routine inspections to urgent repair needs, you can expect the high quality professionalism and small business personalization which echo the superior results our customers expect.

Spring Opening (Typically performed April-May*)

After several months of being out of use, warmer weather finally has you thinking about spring plantings and keeping them properly hydrated. The spring is the first opportunity to start up your irrigation system, give it a thorough tune up, proactively identify any maintenan ce opportunities, and ensure that it will be operating at peak performance all season long. Our Spring Opening service includes:

  • Inspection of interior plumbing connection, backflow preventer and rain sensor.
  • Activation of all irrigation zones to ensure each head properly rises and has adequate pressure.
  • Adjustment of each irrigation zone in order to optimize sprinkler spray coverage.
  • Programming the irrigation controller for weather-appropriate, automatic watering settings.
  • Identify any needed irrigation system repairs, replacements and recommended modifications to enhance system performance (pending homeowner approval).

Mid-Season System Tune-Up (Typically performed June-July*)

With a few months of growing and planting under your belt, many folks find it beneficial to have their irrigation system tuned up, especially on more active properties. Our Mid-Season Tune-Up includes:

  • Activate all irrigation zones to inspect all valves, sprinkler heads, rain sensor and controller.
  • Readjust sprinkler heads on each irrigation zone that may have been disturbed by mowers, landscapers, etc.
  • Modify system programming based on soil moisture throughout your property, the latest weather conditions and weather forecast.
  • Identify any needed irrigation system repairs or replacements (pending homeowner approval).

Winterization (Typically performed late October-November*)

Before freezing temperatures arrive, it is important to prepare your irrigation system for the winter. In order to protect your investment, each sprinkler zone and all exterior plumbing must be properly winterized in order to prevent costly damage from pipes freezing and bursting. Our Winterization service includes:

  • Shut off water to the irrigation system.
  • Carefully blow out all moisture from the irrigation pipes using high pressure air.
  • Monitor each zone during blow out to identify maintenance opportunities to be performed the following spring.**

* Timing may vary with changes in weather. ** Maintenance needs impacting winterization will be addressed prior to spring.

Customize Service: Do you have a pond on your property that also needs to be started up in the spring? Perhaps an outdoor sink that also requires winterizing? New plantings that need more frequent attention? No problem! Just let us know and we'll make the needed arrangements.

Repairs: From broken rain sensors and rotors to malfunctioning valves and solenoids, we've got your repair needs covered. We regularly utilize Rainbird components from their tried and true track record but we are able to service all major irrigation brands including Hunter, Irritrol, Toro and Weathermatic.