Green Initiatives


Taking Care of Our Community
At Hydroscapes, one of our core company values is Environmental Stewardship . Constantly finding new ways to positively impact our planet helps to keep us inspired in our work, vigilant within our industry and honest with our customers. Some of our efforts have led to the following:

  • We are thrilled to provide irrigation for local community gardens that benefit food pantries in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
  • We have converted to using fuel-efficient Ford Transit service vehicles to help decrease our carbon footprint.
  • We use specialized management software to reduce paper waste and maximize service efficiency.
  • We have a multi-tiered material recycling program to minimize waste from our work.
  • As a standard, we install irrigation systems with programmable controllers & rain sensors to minimize water waste and maximize efficiency.
  • We use recycled materials whenever possible, like Porous Pave in some of our drainage solutions.
  • We offer electronic estimates, invoices and newsletters to our customers.
  • We use energy-efficient LED bulbs in our lighting installations to decrease energy consumption.
  • We offer Rain Water Harvesting options in addition to our drainage solutions
  • We maintain a close-knit network of other like-minded industry partners to help customers add green enhancements like organic fertilizing, native plant species and reclaimed materials to their properties.
  • We actively volunteer in the community with such organizations as Green Valleys Watershed Association.

(Working with GVWA, Hydroscapes employees helped to coordinate the planting of 125 trees to create a riparian buffer benefiting one local watershed near Pottstown, PA.)

As we continue to look ahead and plan for the future, you can expect to see these types of initiatives remain deeply ingrained in how we operate and impact our communities.