Design & Installation


Simplify Your Landscape Maintenance!

Keeping your landscape hydrated is crucial to it staying healthy throughout the year. If you are tired of lugging hoses around, we can help with the design and installation of an automatic lawn sprinkler system. From a small garden space to sprawling landscapes, our team ready to assist you.

Irrigation System Design

Every property has unique soil, slope, plant material, orientation to the sun, shading and drainage characteristics. To make sure we provide you with the best possible product, we begin every customer relationship with a complementary consultation to better understand your property's distinct needs as well as your objectives.
This information is collected so that we can design a watering solution tailored to the uniqueness of your property, your priorities and your budget . While size and complexity vary, all of our systems include the following:

  • A high quality, programmable irrigation controller to optimize water times and quantities
  • A rain sensor to monitor precipitation and minimize waste water during and after rain events
  • A code compliant backflow preventer
  • Rotors, spray heads and drip lines on separate zones
  • Matched precipitation patterns
  • Head to head spacing

Irrigation System Installation

From a few hours to several days, the scope of an installation can vary based on its size. Regardless of the project, here are a few things from Hydroscapes you can expect to stay consistent:

  • Customer Communication: We want to make sure you are kept apprised of the process from start to finish. Our office will contact you to coordinate a start date and time, have all underground utilities marked, and can assist
    in the permitting process if needed. Our installation crew will communicate progress while on site and the
    installation foreman will review the sprinkler system with you and provide a tutorial upon completion.
  • Professionalism: Hydroscapes takes great pride in our personalized and professional service. Any needs or concerns you have before, during, or following the installation will be treated as a top priority. Our technicians are
    also all trained in customer care to make every interaction a pleasant one. All employees are fully insured and can
    be readily identified by our "cactus green" shirts.
  • Cleanliness: Hydroscapes uses a vibratory plow to pull irrigation line underground, cutting a thin slice through the turf to minimize the disturbance. In other instances, hand digging is done to be mindful of plants and root systems.
    All soil and grass are carefully repacked and tamped thereafter to restore to as close to their original condition as possible. Materials will be isolated to a condensed and organized space and all work areas cleanly swept each day.
  • Quality: All systems are designed by a licensed professional and supervised by a seasoned installation technician
    or foreman at all times. As an added value and reassurance to our customers, we offer a very competitive parts and labor warranty on all of our work. We also proudly utilize Rainbird components in our installations.

If your lawn sprinkler installation requires a special accommodation, we are more than happy to oblige. We are always just a phone call, an email, or a holler out the window away!