Irrigation FAQ


What sort of irrigation system maintenance can be expected?

As with any appliance or utility, regular service is required to keep your system in good working order. Typical customers have Hydroscapes come out in the spring for a "start up" and winterize the system at the end of the season to prevent freeze damage. Check out our Maintenance page for more info.

Can Hydroscapes service or modify a system that you did not install?
Definitely! We routinely work with customers who were frustrated with their previous service provider or who have inherited a system at their new property which just does not work well. We honestly enjoy the design challenges of retrofitting an existing system to bring it up to proper working order.

What impact will regular system use have on my wallet?
All of our systems come equipped with a programmable irrigation controller and rain sensor as standard features. These bits of technology allow your system to deliver the proper amounts of water at the right time and in the right places. This eliminates much of the water wasted using garden hoses, soakers and sprinklers, not to mention making things much easier for you! We will also provide you with helpful watering tips to help maximize your system's use.

How will a new installation impact my lawn?
Minimizing any disturbance to your turf and respecting your landscape is a high priority in our work. We use a Vibratory Plow to install the majority of underground piping. This method slices through the ground using powerful vibrations rather than a trencher which can tear up your yard. More confined spaces like beds or around tree roots are carefully dug by hand. Upon completion, all disturbed areas are raked, tamped, seeded and covered with straw to assist in rapid regrowth. Using the new irrigation system greatly aids in yard recovery and typically after about a week, it is hard to tell Hydroscapes was ever there!

How long does a new installation generally take?
Most residential projects take 1-3 days to complete, depending on the size of the property and the complexity of the design. We do our best to give you an upfront timeline so that you can plan accordingly, however, unexpected factors like weather and soil quality can also play a role in the timeline.

Does someone need to be present for the initial consultation?
We highly recommend that any parties involved in the decision making process be available at the time of the appointment. This allows everyone to walk the property together, discuss landscape needs & watering objectives, and get a good visual for component placement. This also provides the best opportunity for property owners to ask questions. NOTE: In some instances, we are able to provide a general estimate remotely using aerial images but an in-person appointment is always the most beneficial.

Does someone need to be home during the installation?
As the majority of the work is completed outside, we have quite a bit of flexibility in this regard. We do ask that someone is present for the interior installation of the backflow-preventer to the main water line. This typically takes about 2 hours. While we generally install controllers outside, if you would like for it to be installed inside such as in the garage, we would ask for access to that area throughout the day as well. Otherwise, no one is required to be present until we are complete.

How expensive is an irrigation system to install?
The cost honestly varies as every system is uniquely designed to suit the watering needs and objectives of each property. We can certainly work within a budget and provide different design options to help you make the most cost-effective choices. The most important benefit we offer is the proven ability to design highly efficient systems that provide superior value for your investment over time.

How difficult is an irrigation system to use?
Most customers find using the irrigation controller to be relatively easy after a bit of practice. We carefully choose user-friendly models to make sure you are confident and comfortable operating your system. Technicians will also provide a system tutorial following a new installation and are always happy to answer your questions.

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